Services We Offer

Office CoffeeOffice Coffee

We offer the finest quality coffees available in today’s market.  Coffees from roasters such as the New England® Coffee Co. (a DUNKIN’ DONUTS® coffee roaster) and gourmet coffees from the popular European Kenco® and GEVALIA® (used in a special single cup cartridge brewing system) bring high quality coffee house products into the office environment at an affordable price.



Vending ServiceVending Service

J&J Vending was the first vending service to offer such innovative technologies as Sure-Vend®, a guaranteed product delivery system, and PayKey®, a cashless vending system, to customers in the Rochester area.

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Water FiltrationWater Filtration

Our water filtration systems are the low cost solution to today’s expensive water options.  No more hassle with plastic water bottles or refilling dispensers, plus, you save energy and money.

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